Only a Few Weeks Left to Lock In the Best Solar Rates in Vermont

August 31st.

That’s the last day you can lock in the best financial incentives to go solar in Vermont.  With net metering rates set to drop by 1₵/kWh on Sept. 1, the lost savings will add up to anywhere from $750 to $2,250 over 10 years.

But your household doesn’t have to lose out.  All you need to do is put your name on a list by August 31, and you’ll lock in today’s better rates for a whole year, buying you time to make a careful decision about what solar works best for your family.

There’s no commitment.  You just need to submit a standard form to the VT Public Utility Commission (PUC), and we can fill it out for you.

Want some more good reasons to go solar with Solaflect Energy?

  • Our backyard Trackers keep solar panels off your roof and on the sunniest parts of your property.  They track the sun all day long and generate 40% more power than fixed-panel arrays.  More power from fewer panels adds up to real savings!

  • Our Trackers don’t collect snow that reduces power output from fixed-panel arrays, like rooftops.  By shedding snow automatically as they go about their daily rounds, our Trackers boost power by up to 15% on an annualized basis.  And because they are ground-mounted, they’re easy to maintain all year long – with no dangerous roofs to climb!

  • Our Trackers are scalable.  The power from one Tracker covers an average home’s electric bill.  Two or three trackers can charge an electric vehicle, heat your home with heat pumps, and do a whole lot more.  Add a battery system to go with your solar and avoid the need for a generator during grid outages – for extended periods when the sun recharges your battery.

So what are you waiting for?  With so many indicators pointing to the need for us all to replace our use of fossil fuels with renewable energy, now is a great time to lock in today’s savings before Vermont regulators reduce them on September 1st.  At least the feds have extended their 26% tax credit for solar and battery installations through 2023.  That means, by submitting your Vermont application now, you’ll be assured the best local utility rates and still have at least a year to take advantage of the federal tax credits before they come up for renewal… or reduction.

Solaflect Energy is your home energy management partner.  We help you install clean and affordable solar electricity and home battery systems for a more resilient and climate-friendly future.  Click here to contact us, or email, or call (802) 649-3700, or text (802) 308-3018.  Together, the power is in our hands to make a difference!

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