No Problems for Your Roof, No Risks to Your Home

Solaflect Eliminates the Risks and Costs of Roof Installations

It’s Time to Reroof. Uh Oh.

Fixed roof systems need to be removed and reinstalled. Not with Solafect!

When it’s time to reroof, it will cost thousands of dollars to remove roof-mounted solar panels and reinstall them. It’s important to add this significant expense to your roof-mounted solar estimate. With a Solaflect Solar Tracker, you will never have this problem.

Solar panel installation

Do You Want Holes Drilled in Your Roof?

Solar panels that are fixed to the roof invites possible water damage.

Roof-mounted solar panels that are not installed with care by a qualified roofing contractor increases the likelihood of expensive leaks, ice dams, and drainage problems. Solaflect Trackers out in your yard or field won’t cause any damage to your home.

Fire Risk with Rooftop-Mounted Solar

Inconsistent installation practices increase risk of fire.

The three most common issues that pose a potential fire risk are 1) wires across sharp edges, 2) poor terminations in inverters, and 3) mismatched connectors. When these issues exist there is immediate risk of fire, but many systems operate without incident for years, but are potential “ticking time bombs”.

Burned solar panels on roof

Older Home? You Might Want to Rethink Rooftop Solar.

While the house may never be too old, the same cannot be said for the roof.

A residential solar energy system on the roof needs to be mounted to a solid foundation. If you have an older home, you should have a complete roof assessment performed by a qualified engineer before committing to a solar roof installation.