Solaflect Trackers Follow the Sun All Day

Produce 40% More Power than Rooftop and Fixed Systems

The Sun Moves and So Should Your Solar Panels

Get maximum power and savings with Solaflect Solar Tracking.

Award-winning Solaflect Solar Tracking is a patented, ground-mounted solar power system that follows the sun from sunrise to sunset. Unlike fixed solar panels that experience hours of inefficient solar exposure every day, Solaflect’s proprietary dual-axis tracking continually adjusts the orientation of the solar panels to track the sun and capture the greatest amount of solar energy possible.

Solar tracker in a field
Solar Tracker Curve Chart-600

More Energy Per Square Foot than Roof Systems

40% more power production than fixed solar panels.

Solaflect Trackers are proven to provide significantly more daily sun exposure than fixed solar panels and will produce approximately 40% more power on average than solar panels on a roof, or on fixed racks on the ground. More power generation means more electric bill savings!