The Best Choice for Winter Snow Conditions

Never Lose a Day of Solar Power with SnowSmart™

Solaflect Trackers Shed Snow Automatically

Our trackers produce more energy in winter than fixed or roof panels.

Solafect Solar Trackers feature SnowSmart™, automatic snow-shedding that ensures your solar panels perform at peak capacity, even after a heavy snowfall. It’s a clear advantage over roof-mount systems, which stop producing solar energy when covered with snow and ice and can take days or even weeks to clear in the event of long periods of snow, thawing, freezing, crusty conditions and cloudy weather.

clean solar tracker in the snow

The Problem with Snow on Roof or Fixed Panels

It can take weeks to clear snow and ice to get back to 100% production

Snow is a regular part of life for a significant portion of the year in the Northeast. A solar panel with snow on it will produce little, if any, energy. With a fixed-mount solar array, you either need to be able to safely access your panels to brush them clean or leave snow on them until it melts off by itself. Depending on the weather, this might take weeks to happen, resulting in an average annual loss of solar production of as much as 15%, translating into $1,000’s of dollars over time.

Snow Problem Solved. Solaflect Sheds the Snow!

Solaflect Trackers lose virtually no production to snow accumulation.

Solaflect trackers are naturally very steep in the winter because the sun is so low in the sky.  And when the sun goes down, they “sleep” in a vertical position. As a result, Trackers shed snow quickly, and  any remaining dusting of snow burns off within an hour or two when the sun rises.