2019 is the last year to get the full 30% federal tax credit for solar, so now is a great time to beat the end of year rush and figure out if solar in your backyard or field works for you.

Innovative design that captures more of the sun’s energy, at less cost, just makes good sense.

Solar Trackers Explained

Day in The Life of a Solar Tracker

A Solar Tracker Named Apollo

Protect Our Winters

Richmond Middle School Tracker

In the Words of Happy Tracker Owners

"I am so pleased with our solar trackers and find myself smiling every time I look at them—especially when the sun is shining down on them. They are truly majestic! Last month our electric bill was –$150 which should help offset our winter heating with our new heat pumps. My sincere thanks."
- Carol Young, Rockingham, Vermont

"We are happy that we made the decision to purchase the tracker. I find myself going up to the tracker in the morning and evening to just watch it. Sounds a little crazy, but I like the idea of harnessing the sun's energy and turning it into power! I love the monitoring app as well—we made close to 33 kWh yesterday. I can't wait until the days get longer and we make more power... I sing your praises about "The Solaflect Team" to everyone I come in contact with!"

- Audie Bellimer, Bridgewater Corners, Vermont

"We have had a Solaflect Tracker for a year an a half and are very impressed with its reliability and production. We would also like to give thanks to the Solaflect team for always being on top of things. The investment was well worth it."
- Carrie & Bruce Kolenda, Claremont, New Hampshire

"From our first interactions with Solaflect to the current day we have been thrilled with every aspect of this relationship. Your tracker is uniquely suited for a residential application like ours and we have been net zero for electric on an annual basis since the first year. To us, the sight of our tracker following the arc of the sun is a beautiful thing in every respect. It's an object of modern art that provides us with all our power and no electric bill. Most importantly, the energy we use is clean, lowering our carbon footprint for the health of the planet. This is one of the best investments we have made. Thank you!"
- Beth K., Perkinsville, Vermont

Solar energy is just as much about personal
empowerment as about power

It's your compost bin. It's the sunflowers in your garden. It's the chickens in your coop.

It's the fascinating science project in your yard.

It's your new awareness of the rhythms and cycles of the seasons and the sun.

It's your sense of personal responsibility and sustainability.

It's your electric bill that now reads zero.

It's your new family member who everyone wants to meet.

It's the reason you live where you do.

It's your Solaflect solar Tracker -- just as much about personal empowerment, as power.

As it turns with the sun, it turns you into something better.

Each day.