Designed and Manufactured in Vermont

40% More Power Than Fixed Panels

Mobilize Your Power. Maximize Your Savings!

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40% More Power Than Fixed Systems

Solaflect is a patented, ground-mounted solar power system that follows the sun, capturing the greatest amount of solar energy possible.

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Avoid Possible Issues on Your Roof

Roof installations come with risk of water leaks and structural issues. When it’s time to reroof, it will cost thousands to remove your solar panels.

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The Advanced Solar Power System

The DOE invested $2 million to help develop our patented technology. Today, Solaflect is the most advanced solar power system on the market.

Our Customers are Our Biggest Fans

See why our service and expertise is well-established!

Choose Solaflect, and our experts will be with you from the day you make your purchase, through installation, and for as long as you own your home. Our service teams are the most knowledgeable in the industry and passionate about ensuring you produce the energy and cost savings you expect.

Meet a Solaflect Tracker Named “Apollo”

Never Lose a Day of Power with Solaflect

Solar tracker in the snow

Our Solar Panels Shed Snow Automatically!

Solaflect Trackers feature SnowSmart™, an automatic snow-shedding routine that delivers 15% more solar power in winter snow conditions than rooftop solar

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Technology that Senses High Winds!

Solaflect trackers are protected from damaging winds with onboard sensors that monitor wind speeds and take defensive action.

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Stay Powered When the Grid Goes Down!

Choose on-site battery storage that pairs with your Solaflect tracker to  instantly provide your home with full power when the grid goes down.

Sustainability is Our Way of Life

Given that sustainable energy is a way of life in the Green Mountain State, it should be no surprise that patented Solaflect was developed and headquartered entirely in the State of Vermont.

As a further demonstration of our environmental commitment, we also support keeping it local whenever possible to further protect our resources. 70% of our parts are made in Vermont or the USA, and all fabrication and assembly is performed here.

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All Solaflect Energy engineering, production, installation, and service teams are based in beautiful Norwich, Vermont.

The Sun Moves. So Should Your Solar Panels.

Contact us today and enjoy 40% more power production per panel than rooftop solar!

The more power you generate, the more savings you will enjoy. Proprietary Solaflect is a superior solution to fixed solar for most situations. Solaflect continuously tracks the sun, automatically sheds snow, protects itself from damaging winds, and provides data to our service center to ensure continuous solar energy production.

If you are considering solar energy, Solaflect is the right choice for most homes and small businesses. Mobilize your power and maximize your cost savings today!

Choose Award-Winning Solaflect and Begin Saving Today

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