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Innovative design that captures more of the sun’s energy, at less cost, just makes good sense.

What's a Backyard Solar Tracker?

Day in The Life of a Solar Tracker

A Solar Tracker Named Apollo

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Backyard solar energy is just as much about personal
empowerment as about power

It's your compost bin. It's the sunflowers in your garden. It's the chickens in your coop.

It's the fascinating science project in your yard.

It's your new awareness of the rhythms and cycles of the seasons and the sun.

It's your sense of personal responsibility and sustainability.

It's your electric bill that now reads zero.

It's your new family member who everyone wants to meet.

It's the reason you live where you do.

It's your Solaflect solar Tracker -- just as much about personal empowerment, as power.

As it turns with the sun, it turns you into something better.

Each day.