Solar Financing for Your New Solar Tracker

Financing your solar installationLittle to no down payment, solar financing rates 1% below market rate

Through our unique partnership with Mascoma Bank, Solaflect offers customized solar financing for solar Tracker customers. This provides favorable terms tailored to the timing and impact of the 30% Federal income tax credit.

Lenders in New England increasingly recognize that borrowers who invest in solar energy actually improve their financial stability by reducing monthly expenses. As a result, several banks and credit unions are incenting borrowers with discounted interest rates for solar-related loans.

Why finance your solar installation through Mascoma Bank?

  • Online application, solar financing is approved in days not weeks.
  • The most favorable lending terms for customers purchasing renewable energy.
  • The most experienced solar lenders in solar loans.
  • Easy process and flexible to accommodate unique borrower circumstances.
  • Unique loans tailored to solar and the Federal income tax credit to keep monthly payments low.

How does a solar loan work?

  • Unsecured (not tied to home equity), up to $60,000 for A+ or A credit.
  • Down payment flexible (zero down payment possible) to meet borrower’s needs.
  • Loans as low as 4.99% interest rate.
  • Use Federal income tax credit funds to reduce loan principal and the loan automatically re-amortizes at no cost.

What are the next steps?

  • Contact us, and we’ll help you with the necessary steps.
  • Federal income tax credit, or any other funds, may be applied to the loan principal at any time with no penalty, and either institution will re-amortize the loan at no cost.
  • No penalty for early loan prepayment.