Still Thinking About It…?  Here Are Four Reasons to Explore Solar this Summer

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and – right on cue — the weather has turned hot and sunny.  Will this be the season when you take a serious look at 100% clean and less expensive solar energy?  

With solar generating capacity expected to double in New England by 2030, solar installers are very busy this time of year.  Solaflect Energy still has room to get solar installed for you in 2023, but lead times always grow quickly this time of year, so now is a great time to get a free assessment. Our ground-based solar Trackers keep solar off of roofs that may not be a great fit for solar, generate 40% more power than rooftop panels, and shed snow when panels on fixed surfaces like rooftops stay buried. 

Here are four reasons why it’s time to hop on the Solaflect bandwagon this summer:

  1. Solar payback rates have never looked better.  

As utility rates go through the roof in New Hampshire, and continue to increase steadily in Vermont, payback rates on some solar investments have been cut nearly in half.  After the latest round of utility rate increases in New Hampshire, in particular, home solar generation now is usually two to three times cheaper than buying power off the grid.  So, instead of paying more into a utility system that still relies on natural gas and other fuels that harm the environment, why not lock in 25 years of clean, secure, home-grown power that uses pure sunshine instead? 

(Note that the 2021 chart below does not take into account the recent 50%+ rate increases in NH – further decreasing the Payback Period and doubling Savings #’s for NH residents.)

With more homes and cars going all-electric, we’ve calculated the quicker payback rates using a Solaflect Tracker.  You’re going to like what you see!  

  1. Utility net metering rates are falling and should be locked in now.

From California to New England, utilities are cutting back on payments for solar power sold into the grid – a process called “net metering.”  Why?  Because too much of a good thing is coming at times of day when utilities don’t want it.  Utilities’ response has been to charge more for power coming from the grid than for power being sold back into it.

Per the chart above, utilities are willing to pay less and less for the orange “Solar Overproduction” during the middle of the day, as peak grid electricity usage comes late in the day and early evening.  Utilities can save money by buying less expensive and ‘dirtier’ power, like natural gas, to cover periods of peak consumption.

As net metering rates shrink in Vermont, and await another round of regulatory review in New Hampshire, it’s time to lock in the best possible buyback rates before utilities strike again!  

  1. Charging your EV with solar power now costs way less than gas.  

Are you in the market for an electric vehicle?  With gas prices at $3.50 per gallon, you’re in good companyCharging your EV with home solar now generally costs half as much as charging on the road — and only a quarter as much as filling your old car with gas.  Plus, filling up on home-grown sunshine is way cleaner than using a public charging station that pulls in whatever unsavory mix of fuels – mainly natural gas — the grid has to offer that day.

Make and ModelMPGe ratingTracker cost to charge batteryCharging cost per mileAnnual charging costAnnual fuel cost equivalentEstimated annual fuel cost savings
Ford F-150 Lightning68$9.554.16¢$561$2,406 (21 mpg)$1,845 – 76%
Ford Mustang Mach-E93$7.413.10¢$418$2,021(25 mpg)$1,603 -79%
GM Cadillac Lyriq (2023)82$9.753.15¢$424$2,106 (24 mpg)$1,682 -80%
GM Chevrolet Bolt (2023)120$5.852.46¢$332$1,579 (32 mpg)$1,247 -(79%)
Nissan LEAF111$4.392.93¢$395$1,444 (35 mpg)$1,049 -73%
Rivian R1T 70$13.164.18¢$563$2,406 (21 mpg)$1,845 -76%
Tesla Model 3 (2023)132$8.002.42¢$326$1,531(33 mpg)$1,205 -79%
Tesla Model Y (2023)129$8.002.42¢$326$1,531(33 mpg)$1,205 -79%

With auto companies and a growing number of states going all-in on the electrification of the motor fleet, you may already have an EV, may be driving one before you know it.  But why wait, when solar tax credits and rebates on EVs have never been better, and gas prices continue to swing wildly at the whim of unpredictable geopolitical events?  In effect, you can install your own solar gas station and lock in 25 years of charging at the equivalent of less than a dollar a gallon.    

  1. The climate needs your help from solar power now!

So, if you’ve been putting off this move to solar power, there’s really no time to waste – and that goes double as far as the climate is concerned.  Legacy power systems running on fossil fuels are still pumping out climate-warming gases at an alarming rate.  That means we are getting closer to a perilous tipping point where irreversible changes in our climate may threaten public health, damage homes and properties, and burden future generations with massive adaptation costs and untold human suffering.  Fortunately, solar power has come of age to chart a better path.  Now, it’s the main source of new power generation for utilities and homeowners alike.

For all these reasons (and all seasons), it’s a great time to explore solar with a Solaflect Tracker!  Working together, we have the power to fight climate change and set a shining example for our children and our communities.  For more than 15 years, Solaflect Energy has been your trusted home energy management partner.  We help you install clean and affordable solar electricity for a more resilient and climate-friendly future.  For more information email us, or call (802) 649-3700.

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