Where Can I Put a Backyard Solar Tracker?

A solar tracker fits almost anywhere in your back yard

We’ll do a free site analysis to determine what your solar exposure is at several locations in your yard or field so you can compare and select a spot for a solar Tracker that works best, both to generate the most power and maximize your investment, and what works best aesthetically on your property.

Learn more about whether your house is a candidate for a solar tracker here

How much space does a Backyard solar Tracker require?

A Solaflect solar Tracker will occupy a circle about 20 feet in diameter, and the post coming out of ground on which the Tracker is built is only a couple of feet in diameter.

How much daylight is needed?

The benefit of a solar Tracker is greatest if there is open solar exposure to the South, East and West. 

How far away can the solar Tracker be from my house?

Ideally, we install solar Trackers within about 250 feet from where the wiring interconnects — whether at your house, or at a subpanel in your barn or garage, etc.  That said, we can install Trackers a great deal further away — there’s just additional cost for upgraded, longer run, bigger gauge wire to minimize voltage drop over longer distances, plus the cost of digging and backfilling a longer trench.

How does the electricity get to my house?

Wires from the Tracker to where it interconnects with your home are buried in a two foot deep trench.  If we run into ledge resulting in a shallower trench, we may need to use some concrete to meet electrical code.  We also install fiber optic cable in the trench which connects through your internet so we can communicate with and monitor the Tracker remotely.

We love talking about all things related to solar, so please reach out to us or call us at (802) 649-3700 if we can answer questions and help you think about how solar can cover an ever-increasing share of your family’s power usage!

Monthly solar production and net metering value from a Solaflect PV Tracker, 2014 - 2015.
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