Is My Home Suitable For a Solar Tracker?

This house in Thetford, VT was a good candidate for a backyard solar tracker

A Solar Tracker Works If You Have Room

Your home is suitable for a solar tracker if you have an open field or yard with decent solar exposure to the south, east and west, and the room for “a mature apple tree” (16 feet tall at its highest, and 20 feet wide)… which is roughly the size of a solar Tracker. 

Or if Your Roof Can’t Take Regular Solar Panels

Many rooftops just aren’t suitable for solar — either the roof is oriented more east/west than north/south, nearby trees provide too much shade, roofs have gables or skylights, the roof surface just isn’t suitable for mounting solar panels, or people would just prefer not to drill holes in their roof. If that’s the case for you, then your home might be suitable for a solar tracker instead. 

A Solar tracker installed in your yard or field allows for a site selection that maximizes solar exposure. And since a Tracker ‘sleeps vertical’ at night, and is pretty steep all winter anyway since the sun is so low in the sky, it sheds snow quickly, saving the 15 percent or so of annual solar production usually lost from a snow-covered rooftop solar array.

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Solar Park, Lunenburg, VT