sonnenCore: Lower Priced Versatility

New sonnen Battery Makes Home Energy Storage More Affordable and Flexible

Just in time for the holidays – and for the final year of federal solar energy tax credits – sonnen has introduced a more affordable home battery system.  The new sonnenCore battery has a higher safety rating and much longer projected lifespan than the Tesla Powerall, while featuring state-of-the-art operating modes and power management technology.  Its fully integrated design stores your solar generation for home energy use when it’s the cheapest, and runs your home electrical needs even when the grid goes down.

Solaflect Energy is now taking orders for sonnenCore battery installations.  Batteries placed in operation in 2021, when paired with an existing or new home solar energy system, qualify for a 22% federal solar energy tax credit.  This may be the last time to take advantage of this credit, which is due to expire at the end of 2021.

Sonnen is a German battery manufacturer known for the longest-lasting home storage batteries with plenty of smart metering features.  The new sonnenCore battery sells at a significant discount to sonnen’s eco and ecoLinx lines, while featuring a state-of-the-art energy management system.  Features include computer cloud and phone apps to monitor real-time home energy use from anywhere.  The sonnenCore is also designed for time-of-use load shifting between the home and the grid to maximize savings on your electricity bill.

Other benefits of the sonnenCore home battery include:

  • Right-sized:  The sonnenCore is a fully integrated, 10-kilowatt hour (kWh) battery storage system with the ability to provide up to 4.8 kilowatts (kW) of continuous power output.
  • Fireproof and eco-friendly:  The sonnenCore is a lithium phosphate iron battery that eliminates any possible fire risk posed by traditional lithium ion batteries.  And unlike the Tesla Powerwall, there’s no cobalt in the battery chemistry that would require final disposal as a hazardous waste.
  • Reliable:  The sonnenCore includes a backup power mode that switches the battery on automatically for uninterrupted home power supply when the grid goes down.
  • Durable:  The sonnenCore has a warranty of 10 years or 10,000 discharge cycles (whichever comes first), 8 to 13 times more discharge cycles than competing batteries, and is expected to last for 20 years.  The sonnenCore boasts a 100% discharge cycle – the maximum available – and is capable of storing 70% of its initial out-of-box capacity even when the warranty expires.
  • Built to last:  The sonnenCore will operate at 70% of its rated capacity even after releasing an estimated 58 megawatt-hours (MWh) of power during its warranty period.  By comparison, the Tesla Powerwall drops to 70% of rated capacity after releasing only 37.8 MWh of power.  This means the sonnenCore has the ability to release more energy than the Powerwall over the same warranty period, with less impact on battery discharge capacity.
  • Affordable:  Best of all, the sonnenCore comes more affordably priced, particularly after the 22% federal solar energy tax credit.

Battery features

ChemistryLithium iron phosphate
Total capacity10kWh
Peak power8.6kWh
Continuous power4.8kWh
Depth of discharge100%
Roundtrip efficiency>85%
Warranty10 years
Warranty cycles10,000 cycles
End of warranty capacity70% of initial capacity
Dimensions68” L, 26” W, 11” D
Weight348 lbs

SolarReviews sums up the sonnenCore battery this way:

“The sonnenCore is one of the first batteries that seems like it can really compete with the Tesla Powerwall.  The sonnenCore offers a competitive price, higher safety ratings, and a better warranty than the Powerwall, while still offering state-of-the-art operating modes and battery management technology.”

Solaflect Energy is your home energy management partner.  We’re taking orders for sonnen battery installations this winter that qualify for a 22% federal energy tax credit when paired with an existing or new home solar energy system.  Working together, the power is in our hands to make a difference!

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