How Can Solaflect Help With Overall Home Energy Management

Solaflect Energy is in the home energy management business.  By linking our patented backyard Solar Trackers with the latest advances in cloud-based software, wireless communications and app-based controls, we make complex energy decisions simple.  Our Solar Trackers are fully integrated to run home electrical devices and heat pumps, fuel electric vehicles, charge home batteries, and sell power into the grid.

Choose Solaflect Energy as your home energy management partner to seize on these megatrends:

  • We’re in the midst of a digital revolution.  The Internet and cloud computing are making 24-7 connections that transform how we work and live.  Semiconductors and silicon are the “new oil” that’s driving this move to the digital world.
  • There’s no place like home.  Now more than ever, our homes are becoming the nucleus of our daily lives.  As we work remotely and commute less often, we need an “always-on” home network that’s connected and secure.
  • Decarbonization is democratizing our home energy decisions.  Climate change is turning past energy policy on its head.  Top-down, subsidized, command-and-control approaches are giving way to bottom-up, market-based, consumer-led approaches that put the power in our hands — literally!
  • Solar is the power of choice.  Nine out of 10 Americans want to expand use of solar power.  Solar is now the most affordable source of electricity – bar none – providing accessible, carbon-free power for homes, businesses and the grid.
  • A “virtual grid” of dispersed renewables and consumer-driven apps is optimizing energy use.  A growing network of backyard and rooftop solar arrays, windfarms and home battery systems is cutting into utility peak loads that cost more and are dirtier to operate.  Smart controllers monitor energy loads in real time to decide when is the right time to release energy into the grid.
  • Market-based solutions are replacing government subsidies.  Carbon pricing, bidirectional battery charging and time-of-use pricing are practical, market-based replacements for government subsidies that now favor the fossil fuel industry.  A level playing field will advance solar and other renewables to achieve carbon-cutting goals that leave fossil industries behind.
  • A green economy offers multiple benefits.  As we build out our digital, democratized and decarbonized economy, we are creating more local jobs and a more resilient global energy ecosystem.  These benefits transcend political divisions and are uniting communities behind a clean path forward.

Let Solaflect Energy be your home energy management partner to help you navigate a future that’s coming at us faster than ever.  We provide clean energy solutions that are safer, cheaper and closer to home.  And we love talking about all things related to solar, so please reach out to us or call us at (802) 649-3700 if we can answer questions and help you think about how solar can cover an ever-increasing share of your family’s power usage! The power is in our hands to make a difference!

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