Is Norway Really ‘Out-EVing’ America, Like GM’s Super Bowl Ad Says?

That’s what comedian Will Ferrell, an unlikely GM spokesman, told 100 million Super Bowl viewers last Sunday.  And he’s right on the facts: only a quarter of 2020 light vehicle sales in Norway were old fashioned ICE (internal combustion engine) cars. Fully 54.3% were 100% EVs (electric vehicles), and the rest were hybrid EVs.

What is exciting is that Tesla has motivated nearly all of the world’s automakers to get on the train, with GM – the US market share leader – committing to transitioning to nearly all EV sales by 2035 (note: it’s already 2021). It’s worth 5 minutes, and particularly uplifting for those concerned about our climate, to watch the pre-Super Bowl marketing battle between GM and Audi. First, GM released a 90 second preview of their Super Bowl ad. In a blistering fast marketing response, Audi Norway released a minute long response with Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju.  GM also had three additional 15 second teaser ads. The biggest response was from their Will Ferrell pizza teaser, which not only received a response from Audi, but also from Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg.

In comparison to Norway, there are still fewer than 1,000 new EVs purchased each year in Vermont (out of nearly 500,000 vehicles on the road; we do not have NH numbers). However, when combined with a solar Tracker (which can power an EV for 750,000 miles over its lifetime), fuel costs are well below half with an EV, and service costs are also way less than ICE cars (no oil change, no transmission, no radiator, etc., etc.). Although the sticker price is still higher today, the overall cost of ownership is comparable or lower than ICE cars, and the performance exceeds that of ICE cars. Finally, EV range is dramatically increasing, with mid-market EVs having about 230 miles of range. Top-end EVs have well over 300 miles of range, with high-speed charging times continually decreasing to minutes.

Here is a sampling of some EV promotions from utilities in New Hampshire and Vermont:

New Hampshire EV incentive program

Liberty Utilities

  • Offers a time-of-use (TOU) rate with low pricing for EV charging at night. Customers must convert entire household to time-of-use rate.

New Hampshire Electric Cooperative

  • Offers $1,000 rebate for purchase or lease of new or used battery electric vehicle (and $600 for a new or used hybrid vehicle).
  • Offers a combined rebate and TOU rate to residential customers who install electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).  Customers can receive a rebate of up to $300 per Level 2 charger installed, up to two chargers per account.

Vermont EV incentive program

Green Mountain Power

  • Offers $1,500 rebate for purchase of new EVs, $1,000 for new plug-in hybrids, and $750 for used hybrid vehicles.  Low-income customers are eligible for an additional $1,000 rebate. Vehicles must have an MSRP of $60,000 or less.
  • Residential customers are eligible for a free Level 2 charger when they purchase a new or used EV.

Washington Electric Cooperative

  • Offers $1,200 incentive towards purchase or lease of a new fully electric vehicle, and $950 towards plug-in hybrids.  Low-income members are eligible for an additional $700 incentive.

Solaflect Energy can help you transition to an all-electric future. We install clean and affordable solar electricity and home battery systems as part of your transition. Click here to contact us, or email, or call (802)649-3700, or text (802)308-3018.  Working together, the power is in our hands to make a difference!

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