Lange, Fairlee, VT

Awesome! The best word for it!!!! Swings effortlessly around all day long to precisely catch the maximum sun potential. It is very rewarding to get that power to directly offset our electric bill expense. Every watt is constantly being updated on the SolarEdge site with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly charts to see how the tracker performs. At night the tracker swings back to the morning position to wait for the sun to pop over the horizon. If it senses too much wind it goes flat to ride out any storm and after shoveling the walks and roof of snow it is a treat to see all the snow on the tracker just slid off when it stands up and goes to sleep at night. It is a beautiful and productive sculpture glistening in the sun. Again the tracker performance and SolaFlect’s services are AWESOME! Thank you

Peter and Cyrie Lange, Fairlee, VT

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