Gottlieb, Norwich, VT

I’ve been a Solaflect Tracker owner for 5 years.  While I would have loved to installed a Tracker in my backyard to admire every day, like many others, I have too many trees so I own one of the Trackers in the Solaflect Soar Park in Lunenburg, Vermont.   As a resident of Norwich and biker who plies the many back roads in the Upper Valley I’m impressed by the number of Solaflect Tracker installations that continue to pop up all over. 

I think many of us have purchased Trackers primarily because we want to be part of the solution, not the problem.  But I believe purchasing from Solaflect checks several boxes that are important to many Vermonters, and a Tracker is often the best choice for those interested in going solar. First, it’s a hyper local company.  While there are a few other locally-owned solar companies, when you purchase a Solaflect Tracker, a far higher proportion of your dollar stays local.  How?  Standard rooftop systems require 40% more solar panels to produce the same amount of power, and those panels are manufactured abroad.  A Solaflect Tracker’s parts are primarily sourced in Vermont, and the company builds the Tracker right here in Norwich, keeping more dollars here in the local economy. Second, Solaflect’s cutting edge engineering both maximizes output and reduces the use of steel and concrete, both materials that require large amounts of energy and expel massive amounts of CO2 to produce.   Most all of us appreciate good engineering, and Solaflect has created a design that both works better and reduces CO2 output in its creation. 

With Solaflect you get to support a local homegrown company that’s created a world class product that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Dan Gottlieb, Norwich, VT

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