Start Saving with a Solaflect Solar Tracker

Solaflect Owners Save Thousands of Dollars!

Convert Your Electric Expenses into a Solar Investment

The average homeowner pays nearly $1,400 a year to the electric company.

In 2020, the average homeowner in the United States paid $115 a month to an electric utility. When you purchase and install a Solaflect Solar Tracker, you pay yourself instead! Stop paying the electric company and start investing those dollars into a money-saving and environmentally friendly solar tracker.

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Save Thousands of Dollars with a Solaflect Solar Tracker

Your savings pay for your solar tracker, plus puts thousands in your bank account.

Based on the average US home electric bill of $115 per month in 2020, an owner with an 1,800 square foot home can pay for their Solaflect Solar Tracker plus put an additional $7,000 in the bank. A 2,500 square foot home will net you savings of almost $10,000 over the life of a tracker. If you’ve got more home, you get more savings!

Your Electric Rates are Locked-In with a Solar Tracker

The average electric bill increases 3% every year, but your costs won’t!

Own a Solaflect Solar Tracker, and you no longer experience the annual cost increases that electric utilities pass on to homeowners. Over 12 years, your electric bill will likely increase by 50%, and with energy costs and inflation accelerating, those annual utility increases may be greater than 3% in the future. But with a solar tracker, your rate never increases!

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Additional Savings of $10,000 or More with Tax Incentives!

Get 30% of your purchase back with the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

The federal solar tax credit allows you to claim a credit worth 30% of the cost of buying and installing a solar tracker, and you will get $10,000 or more back from the IRS. Add a battery storage option and you get 30% of that cost back too. And if you want to do some tree work to increase your daily sun exposure, that can be claimed as a credit as well. 

Financing? Pay Off Your Loan Instead of Paying the Electric Company!

Simply replace your monthly electric bill payment with a loan payment.

For those who can put 20% down, your loan payment substitutes for your electric bill payment. The best part? Your loan payment never rises (unlike a monthly electric bill)! We have affordable, low interest loan programs that literally pay for themselves. So, stop paying the electric company and start paying yourself with a Solaflect Solar Tracker.

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