Can I Mow Under My Tracker Mounted Solar Panels?
There is room to mow under tracker mounted solar panels

Yes, you can mow under the solar panels mounted on your Solaflect Solar Tracker. Available head and working space beneath the solar Tracker will depend on the time of day and day of year. That’s because the solar panels are tilted to face directly at the sun, and as the sun travels the tilt of the array changes. As a result, the amount of space underneath the lowest edge of the bottom row of solar panels changes.

When the solar Tracker is in the vertical position before sunrise and after sunset, the bottom edge of the panels is approximately four feet above the ground. While that would enable you to easily mow under your solar panels with a push mower, you might risk a collision if you were using a riding mower.

Of course, most mowing occurs during the day. On the Spring and Autumn equinoxes (on or about March and September 20th), the solar Tracker is tilted enough that the clearance beneath the panels is five feet or more from about 10:15 am through 3:45 pm. By Summer Solstice, you’ve got five feet or more of clearance from about 8:30 am through 5:15 pm.

Oh, and did you know they now make solar powered lawn mowers? Or that sheep make excellent organic mowers for big solar installations? 

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