Brook Trout Discovered in Once Sterile Adirondack Lake

We’ve had plenty of distressing environmental news lately, so it is exciting to see an environmental success. As a result of acid rain, Lake Colden, high in the Adirondack mountains of NY, was declared fishless 32 years ago. It was recently announced that a reproducing population of brook trout was discovered there. This is the first time that a self-sustaining fish population returned to a sterile high Adirondack lake without stocking. 

This success resulted from a combination of good policy and technological change. Amendments to the US Clean Air Act and NY regulations helped reduce acid rain, but the shutting of coal plants has also contributed to the improvement in water quality.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Electric Generator Report and Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory

Although coal was initially displaced by natural gas, Forbes now states that renewables are competitive with or cheaper than new fossil fuel plants in much of the U.S.

Thank you for supporting clean air, clean water, and the continued development of the solar industry!

Lebanon, New Hampshire
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