Chabot/Perry, Thetford, VT

We’ve had a Solaflect tracker since 2014 and we are very happy with it. Its production has been very close to what was estimated when we had it installed, and we have seen no degradation in the 7 1/2 years we’ve had it. It sheds snow quickly in the winter, just as they said it would. Service has been strong, and has gotten better with their recent hire of Leo B. At first we wondered how we would feel about putting up this large structure in our yard, but we have grown to appreciate it as a sign of our commitment against climate change. It’s fun to see how it changes its tilt from day to day as the sun’s position changes throughout the year. It gives you a connection to the changes of the seasons in a very different way, particularly when you see the changes in the position of sunrise and sunset throughout the year, and you can appreciate the changes in the height of the midday sun each month. The installation was clean, fast and professional, and it has held up well. If something needs tweaking, their service people always contact us in advance to make sure it is OK. My wife Cindy was a skeptic at first, but she has grown to appreciate it, and tells her friends about it when they ask.

Marc Chabot and Cindy Perry, Thetford, VT

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