Suspension PV Tracker

Solaflect Energy has now utilized its patented Suspension technology to introduce the world’s most efficient PV (photovoltaic) Tracker. The Solaflect PV Suspension Tracker uses much less steel than alternative designs, and is therefore extremely cost effective. A PV Tracker produces 40% more electricity than from the same equipment mounted in a fixed position. Due to the modular construction and steel savings, a Tracker is priced close to the cost of a fixed mount or roof mount system, meaning more electricity for the same amount of money and a much larger return on your investment.

The Suspension PV TrackerTM follows the sun providing about 40% more electricity than fixed photovoltaics. That’s worth as much as $10,000 over the Tracker’s lifetime. During winter storms, the Tracker can be positioned vertically, shedding snow much better than fixed mount PV. Snow free panels generate more electricity.

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