Solaflect Energy has now utilized its patented Suspension technology to introduce the world’s most efficient PV (photovoltaic) Tracker.

Suspension Solar

Community Solar

Solaflect’s Community Solar Parks guarantee that you get the real thing. When you go with Solaflect, you honestly and truly go solar.

Suspension Community Solar

Suspension HelioStat

Finally, a heliostat that is cost effective! The Solaflect Suspension HeliostatTM reduces the use of steel by two-thirds, dramatically reducing costs.

Suspension Heliostat Solar

Why Choose Us


Patented Suspension HeliostatTM and Suspension PV TrackerTM eliminates unnecessary steel.


Uses much less steel than alternative designs, and therefore is extremely cost effective.


Utilizing patented Suspension technology, Solaflect brings excellent performance characteristics into the market.

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Solaflect's Suspension design brings dramatic cost savings to both Heliostats and Photovoltaic (PV) Trackers.