Why Solar Energy Now?

Is Solar Affordable?

YES – With Solaflect’s revolutionary technology, you can get an “after-tax” rate of return exceeding 8% per year, equivalent to a taxable return (e.g. interest on a bank account or money market) of 9% to 15% per year, depending upon your tax bracket.

How does Solaflect make Solar Energy affordable?

By following the sun throughout the day, a Solaflect Solar Tracker provides 40% more electricity than the same number of PV modules mounted on the perfect south facing roof.  Put differently, the 16 solar panels mounted on a solar Tracker provide the same solar energy production as about 23 panels mounted on a roof (40% more production per panel).

Will Solar Energy be cheaper next year, and if so, should I wait?

The price of solar energy continues to drop, but the financial incentives are decreasing faster than the cost savings, so the effective price of solar will (unfortunately) be steadily increasing.  This is a great time to invest in solar energy.

How does solar energy impact the annual increase in the price of electricity?

Investing in solar energy protects you from the 2.5% to 3% annual increase in the price of electricity for about 25 years (which is the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty on solar panels).  Much like you may have entered into a short term contract to ‘forward buy’ propane or heating oil to protect yourself from winter price increases, an investment in solar energy is doing the same thing, but for 25 years!  And once your investment in solar is paid off (in 5 to 15 years depending on your location, solar exposure, utility, etc.), the remaining years are free electricity.

Will the technology become obsolete?
Only if the sun stops shining and electricity becomes obsolete.
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