Solaflect is excited to be partnering with White River Toyota (WRT) to help spread the word about the importance of clean energy. We were amazed to learn that almost half of all the cars WRT sells are hybrids or electric – as Toyota sells over 7 hybrid and electric models! And right here in the Upper Valley!

Our partnership, reflecting an overlap in shared values, means White River Toyota customers get employee pricing at Solaflect, and Solaflect customers get employee pricing at White River Toyota for hybrid and plug-in cars. More renewable energy, less fossil fuel consumption. A win-win all around.

Clean energy powering clean vehicles – it just makes sense.

How Far Can Solar Take You?

From the solar energy generated by a single Solaflect Tracker, you can drive over 20,000 miles a year in your Toyota Prius plug-in!
And solar panels are warrantied for 25 years. That’s a lot of miles.

Solar for “the rest of us”

Close to 70% of New England homeowners just aren’t set up well for cost-effective solar at home. The usual culprits are too much shade, or a roof that faces the wrong way or needs replacing soon. Vermonters in that 70% who are excited about the benefits of solar need not despair! Solaflect’s Solar Parks host customers’ Trackers in carefully selected, off-the-beaten-path locations with great sun. Generating clean, solar electricity off-site for use at home is the fastest growing segment of solar in Vermont. (Community solar currently available to Green Mountain Power customers.)

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