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Solaflect Energy background Founded over 15 years ago, Solaflect designs, manufactures and sells the innovative Solar PV Tracker that follows the sun all day and delivers 40% more solar energy per panel than fixed/rooftop solar. We’ve honed our experience and have become an established brand leader in the Upper Valley, and now serve Vermont, New...
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Now more than ever electricians are at the center of our growing solar energy business.  Since our early days in residential and commercial solar power, Solaflect has manufactured, sold and installed nearly a thousand innovative PV Trackers that follow the sun all day and deliver 40% more solar energy per panel than fixed/rooftop solar –...
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Solar Installation Technician
The Solar Installation Technician role is great way to launch your career in one of America’s largest and fastest-growing industries, helping install clean energy power plants in customers’ yards and fields all over VT, NH and MA, and helping families change their relationship with energy.  Solaflect provides on-site training and a range of career development...
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