You voted at the ballot box. Now do it at the junction box!

You have until December 31 to Go Solar and take full advantage of this year’s federal tax credit that declines next year and is scheduled to expire in 2022. Did you know:

  • The federal solar tax credit for homeowners is going away – it’s 26% now, 22% next year, and gone in 2022 – unless the new Congress approves another extension.
  • Home battery storage installations paired with solar also qualify for the federal solar tax credit.
  • Through the end of this year, the tax credit means a $6,000 ‘discount’ off an average residential solar installation, dropping to $5,000 in 2021, and scheduled to be eliminated in 2022.
  • Since Congress passed the solar tax credit 15 years ago, employment in the U.S. solar industry has grown to nearly 250,000 jobs, yielding tens of billions of dollars of economic value.
  • Solar installers and wind turbine technicians have been the fastest growing jobs in America in the last 10 years.
  • To date, over 2 million solar PV systems with more than 85,000 MW of generating capacity have been deployed.  Solar now accounts for nearly 2% of U.S. power generation and is on track to be the fastest growing source of electricity through 2050.
Source: SEIA/Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables U.S. Solar Market Insight

So now is a great time to go backyard solar!  You’ll not only save on your taxes and energy bill.  You’ll be voting for clean energy and American energy independence, the dire need to tackle climate change immediately, and sustainable jobs in our community.

Solaflect Energy is taking a few more orders for 2020, and gearing up for a 2021 that could be the busiest in history given the prospect of the expiring federal tax credit for solar.  So now is a great time to explore the future of clean energy.  The power is in our hands to make a difference!

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