Four Important Reasons to Choose Solaflect

Get Maximum Power Production and Peace of Mind

Mobilize Your Power. Maximize Your Savings.

Following the sun means Solaflect produces 40% more power per panel than rooftop systems!

snow covered roof tiles

"Get Off the Roof" with a Solaflect Solar Tracker

If any of these concerns with roof-mounted solar exist, the best choice is Solaflect!

  • Daily sun exposure on your property is equal to or greater than on your roof.
  • You live in an area that experiences frequent, heavy snow conditions.
  • Your roof design (area, direction, angle) is insufficient for your energy production needs.
  • Mounting an array on your roof creates additional costs and concerns.
    • Roof will need replacement in the next ten years.
    • You have a slate, corrugated, clay, or older standing seam roof.
    • Snow shedding from roof panels could damage property or cause injury.
    • Your roof may have structural weaknesses

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