Situated on 24 beautiful acres in Enfield, NH, minutes from Dartmouth College in the heart of the Upper Valley, Shaker Hill is a gracious bed and breakfast located in an updated colonial style home built by a Revolutionary War colonel and his family of seven children.

The Challenge

In 2015, Innkeeper Nancy Smith was looking for solutions to tackle two persistent and growing business challenges. First, a practical one – her monthly electric bills were too high, averaging well over $200 per month and rising each year. Second, the B&B thrived on the beauty of its New England setting and abundant wildlife, but Nancy knew the environment she and her visitors had always counted on was increasingly threatened by climate change.

The Solution

Solaflect installed two solar PV Trackers in October of 2015 in a sunny field adjacent to the Inn. The Trackers are the size of mature apple trees and are in motion all day long following the sun. They meet the B&B’s electricity needs and also make a visual statement. They send a message, “we’re taking an important step here.” The B&B guests are often fascinated by the ‘backyard solar’ and regularly cross the back yard to get a closer look.


“My solar Trackers have been terrific. I feel strongly about doing something for the environment and I feel good about the message they send every time I look at them. Our guests are fascinated by them, no surprise, because they’re really cool! And other than the utility company’s monthly carrying charge of $15 or so, I haven’t paid anything for electricity for as long as I can remember. Solaflect has been wonderful to work with, as well, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision.”

– Nancy Smith, Innkeeper
Shaker Hill Bed & Breakfast