An Efficient Backyard Solar Solution

Much like a sunflower, Solaflect’s tracker mounted residential solar panels are ‘planted’ in backyards and fields throughout New England where they accurately follow the sun all day long, providing 40% more solar energy than traditional rooftop solar panels.
With our solar tracker solution, owners save over $25,000 in energy cost over the life of their Trackers, with a return that beats other long term, low risk investments. All without drilling a single hole in the roof!

Why Track the Sun?

Solar panels generate the most electricity when they are pointed directly at the sun. But traditional rack or roof mounted solar panels can't adjust their position to follow the sun as it moves across the sky. Solaflect designed its award-winning Tracker to elegantly solve this problem: by adjusting the position of the tracker mounted solar panels in two axis through the day, they capture 40% more electricity (the yellow area in the chart to the right). As a result, the Tracker is the most efficient and cost-effective solar solution currently available to New England homeowners.

Best Value in Solar Chart

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