Solaflect Energy Apprentice Electrician

Launch your career with Solaflect Energy as an apprentice electrician. Solaflect Energy is a  growing solar energy company that is the best backyard solar system available, with a patented  dual-axis suspension solar Tracker that powers a home from the yard.  

A four-year apprentice program with Solaflect Energy has no cost, and leads to a Journeyman’s  Electrician license. Becoming an electrician is a career that cannot be outsourced, and a solar  electrician is part of the fast-growing clean energy economy. 

An apprentice electrician will work under the supervision of a Master and Journeyman  Electrician, will enroll in an online course paid for by Solaflect Energy, and will engage in the  installation of Solaflect solar energy systems. Much of the work is outside in exceptionally  beautiful settings throughout New England.  

Some of the responsibilities will include: 

  • Reads, interprets, and executes drawings, schematics, blueprints, and electrical code  specifications to install Solaflect Trackers and battery systems 
  • Tests electrical equipment and parts for continuity, current, voltage, and resistance • Installs, repairs, or replaces solar energy systems, DC motors, ethernet communication  systems, fiber optic cables, breaker panels, and battery systems 
  • Installs repairs, or replaces electrical wiring, junction boxes, conduits, feeders, fiber-optic assemblies, and home and commercial wiring required to install solar energy and/or  battery systems 
  • Installs Solaflect Trackers and foundations 
  • Corrects connections and wiring on equipment controls wherever incorrect applications  may cause harm and dangerous conditions 
  • Does preventive maintenance and testing of electrical systems 
  • Conducts preventive and maintenance programs, and also keeps maintenance records • Complies with standards and procedures of industry, Safety Manual, and abides by safety  rules. 

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Needed for  the Apprentice Electrician Position 

Here are important attributes, including knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this position: 

  • Must have high school diploma; additional coursework advantageous 
  • Must have demonstrated ability to learn new information and have shown the capability  to pass apprentice examinations 
  • Must possess communication skills, self-supervision, and respect for safety needs
  • Must possess team spirit, and be able to work closely with maintenance, production, and  engineering, and out of doors services 
  • Must have utmost respect for our customers and their homes 
  • Must have the ability to communicate clearly and pleasantly with customers • Must be ready to do overtime work if the need arises 
  • Must have a versatile work schedule 
  • Must be able to climb ladders 
  • Must have a valid drivers’ license and clean driving record 
  • Must be able to lift solar modules, pull conduit off of reels, and occasionally hand dig  (e.g. around bushes next to a house) 
  • Solaflect is a drug free workplace

Please send your application or any questions you might have to

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