Off Grid EV Charger at Dartmouth College

Solaflect’s award-winning EV solar charger is completely off-grid, operates entirely on 100% clean energy from the sun, and deploys in just one day with zero ongoing utility or network costs.

The four Level 2 charging points are powered by a 6.2-kilowatt solar array mounted on a dual-axis tracker that generates 40% more power than comparable fixed panel arrays.

The system’s 6-ton concrete foundation sits directly on parking lot lines, so it doesn’t take up any parking spaces and provides enough ground clearance for unimpeded traffic flow. Designed for climate resilience, it sheds snow quickly, stows flat in high winds, and sits high enough to avoid flooding. Solar EV Charger operates even when the grid is down, and its transportable nature allows it to adapt as EV charging needs evolve.

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