Will I Get Backup Power From My Tracker If the Utility Grid Is Down?

When Solaflect installs standard grid-connected systems (without home battery storage), a Tracker will not provide power when the utility grid is down. This is a National Electric Code safety feature built into the inverters. The inverter senses if the grid is operating normally, and the moment the grid goes down, the inverter stops solar power from flowing through it. This is to prevent power back flowing into the grid where it might harm line crews fixing the grid.

We now offer the option of a home battery storage system that stores power to cover your energy uses during power outages.  This smart battery system has many great features and essentially islands your home from the grid, providing backup power for your most critical needs until the grid power comes back on.  And during a power outage, a solar Tracker will recharge the battery… at least while the sun is shining. See more details on our battery solution here.

We love talking about all things related to solar, so please reach out to us or call us at (802) 649-3700 if we can answer questions and help you think about how solar can cover an ever-increasing share of your family’s power usage!

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