How large is a Tracker?

A Solaflect PV Tracker carries 16 solar panels. As a group, they cover an area of 20 feet wide by 12 feet high. The riser holds them up a few feet off the ground so that it won’t be a snow plow as it rotates in wintertime.

The space the Tracker takes up visually depends on the time of day and season. If it is vertical (for example before sunrise and after sunset) and facing directly at the viewer, it looks at its largest.


If it is tilted up toward the sun and/or rotated away from the viewer, it fills less visual space. At the minimum perspective, it comes close to disappearing into the background.


All in all, a Tracker takes up a similar amount of visual space as a mature apple tree. If you stand right next to it, it feels somewhat large. If you are 50 feet away or more, its scale is much smaller.

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