Kotlowitz-Cunneen, Thetford, VT

The folks at Solaflect were terrific, they did the work fast and were helpful and thoughtful. We have been thrilled with the tracking panels, we have had only one small issue, which Solaflect came out and fixed immediately. I highly recommend this company, and highly recommend a tracker panel, we are essentially paying to the bank what we paid the utility company, except we are using mostly solar energy. And when it is paid off we will be paying almost nothing for electricity.

Daniel Kotlowitz

Hunter Melville, Woodstock, VT

Solaflect is a fantastic company. We installed a tracker in late December 2017 and it’s been cranking out an average of 20-30 kWh of power per day throughout the year. Enough to completely power and heat our geothermal cottage. The staff is a pleasure to work with, responsive, informative and just fun to interact with. I’d give them more stars if I could.

Hunter Melville

Wilkinson, Norwich, VT

We are proud owners of 2 Solaflect Trackers.  Great company! We have had our panels three years. Their efficiency may be obvious but what has been very important and refreshing is Solaflect’s attention to maintenance and upkeep. The customer service is excep tional.Panels are monitored remotely so if there is a problem they give us a call that they are coming out if it can’t be worked on remotely. Upgraded parts have been replaced. It has been a great experience and well worth the purchase.

Holly and Jon Wilkinson

Hardy, Norwich, VT

After doing our research and getting up to speed about the different solar options, we came very quickly to the conclusion that Solaflect was the way to go. It has been wonderful from the beginning, and remains so after nearly 5 years. Snow sheds off immediately, which is especially appreciated at our higher elevation. Our tracker has been great in every respect, and we feel it was the responsible thing to do. Also, we absolutely love the design… an engineering marvel that we enjoy looking at as the position changes through the day and the seasons. After several years producing more electricity than our household needs, we now use the surplus to power an all-electric Chevrolet Bolt – another good decision!

Doug Hardy

Bazylewicz-Farricker, Norwich, VT

We worked with Solaflect to install TWO trackers in our backyard last season. The planning folks were extremely helpful in assessing our location and orientation to assess the degree of success we might have in installing solar. The assessment lead to plans to remove a few tall pine trees to dramatically improve our results which we did affordably. Installation went easily and the team re-seeded the grassy area involved after the electrical connections to the house were buried. Our electric bill dropped from $235 monthly to $13 (Summer). When we changed and improved our internet router service I forgot to check any impact on the tracker function. Surprisingly, Solaflect was monitoring our functioning and contacted us to help reconnect. Easily done again. I cannot be happier with the working relationship this company engenders. They’ve advised to wait a couple years for the home battery units to decrease in price. I plan to add an electric car to our solar use when that becomes more affordable. Solaflect has been with me all the way. If you have doubts, cease worrying. This is a class act company.

Gregory Bazylewicz

Solaflect Solar Park, Lunenburg, VT

Going solar with Solaflect was a great thing to do. It’s smiling faces here every time we see our electric bill, and knowing we’re using the sun and that we’re pitching in to help heal the planet feels great! Join the solar party with Solaflect.

Matt and Sophie Starr, Norwich, VT

Solaflect Solar Park, Lunenburg, VT

Our experience with Solaflect has been great. Our family felt strongly about replacing as much fossil fuel consumption as possible with solar energy and the two Solaflect Trackers we installed in a Solaflect Solar Park in late 2015 have provided us with more credit on our Green Mountain Power bill than we’d expected. We particularly like the fact that our Trackers shed snow right away so we don’t lose winter solar production. We highly recommend people take a close look at a Solaflect Tracker when they’re thinking about solar.

John Pepper