Attention skiers: A great gap year opportunity at Solaflect!

Solaflect has a perfect opportunity for any gap year students who love to ski. An unusually large number of college-bound students have decided that the 2020 college experience is not going to be all that they hoped, and are postponing enrollment for a year — or current college students have decided to take a year off.  Solaflect is searching for a few great people for the next year — with a nice 4 month winter break to enjoy a great ski season!

Why is this opportunity great for skiers? Our solar Tracker installation season starts in mid-April and ends in mid-December. So we’re looking for some smart, hard-working and capable students who would like to join us this summer, work until the holidays in December, enjoy a great ski season, and then rejoin us in April until the start of college in the fall of 2021. Why might this opportunity be intriguing? We can provide…

  • An exciting entry into the rapidly growing renewable energy industry.
  • Valuable opportunities to learn new skills and gain exposure to a business environment, a manufacturing facility where we build Trackers, construction trades, and the many technical skills involved in building, installing and maintaining an industrial robot (which is what the Tracker really is).
  • Exposure to a talented and energetic team — e.g. this summer we have mechanical engineering students from M.I.T. and the University of Massachusetts, an electrical engineering student at Trinity College, along with a full-time recent graduate of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.
  • A varied and experienced full-time year round team that can provide considerable mentoring to the right students.
  • Team members earn competitive compensation if they are eager to learn new skills, are hard working, and flexible.

Please spread the word to your network of children, grand-children, nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors who might be interested, or know someone who could benefit from this experience at Solaflect. Interested applicants can send a cover letter and resume to

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