The Most Advanced and Reliable Solar Power System

The Leader in Solar Tracking Since 2007

Developed in Partnership with the US Dept of Energy

Solaflect was awarded $2 million to advance its breakthrough technology.

Solaflect Energy designed the first Solaflect Solar Tracking system in 2007. The US Department of Energy awarded Solaflect with $2 million in grants to further develop the technology. Today, because of continuous investment and engineering improvements, the patented Solaflect Tracker is the most advanced and reliable residential and small business solar power system on the market.

Innovative Design That Reduces Your Cost

Affordable technology that produces 40% more power per panel.

The US Department of Energy’s SunShot Program allowed Solaflect to invest in reducing the cost of solar trackers. Our innovative suspension technology uses two-thirds less steel than traditional solar tracker designs. That breakthrough dramatically reduced costs and makes Solaflect solar trackers both affordable and a great cost-saving investment.