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Going Solar in Vermont

Solaflect Energy’s revolutionary Suspension PV Tracker is the most efficient, accurate, reliable, and cost effective solar option available. Vermonters have the option to go solar with a Solaflect PV Tracker installed on site at their home or business, or hosted off-site at a Solaflect Community Solar Park (Green Mountain Power customers only).

What do I get from a Solaflect PV Tracker?

You get clean, solar energy and a large reduction in your electric bills. A Solaflect PV Tracker can be thought of as locking in your electric rates as low as 13.3 cents/kWh for the next 20 years or longer—compare that to the cost of power from GMP, currently over 16 cents/kWh and rising. Your non-taxable rate of return on a Solaflect PV Tracker can easily be over 6% per year, equivalent to a taxable return of 9%-11%, depending on your tax bracket.

How does Solaflect provide more value and make solar more affordable?

The Solaflect PV Tracker follows the sun throughout the day. Over the course of the year, this results in more energy from the same solar panels in a fixed orientation—usually a 40% gain, or more, depending on the location. Solaflect is also a recognized leader in developing cost-saving innovations. Solaflect has won two U.S. Department of Energy $1 million research awards in nationally competitive, peer-reviewed competitions. These awards have helped fund the engineering breakthroughs that make the Solaflect PV Tracker such an exceptional value.

Why shouldn’t I wait to go solar?

Solar prices have been coming down, and Solaflect is a leader in developing cost-saving innovations. However, Vermont and Federal incentives are shrinking, so the final cost to you is actually liable to go up over the next few years. Going solar now locks in today’s more generous incentives, giving you the best value over the life of your solar investment.

What is a good location for a Solaflect PV Tracker?

The Solaflect PV Tracker is best suited to an open field or yard with good solar exposure. (It cannot be installed on a roof.) A Tracker requires a circular area with a diameter of 20 feet. Installations can be up to 200 feet from the house or meter with standard wiring, and up to 450 feet with upgraded wiring. We will be happy to provide a free site evaluation upon request. If you do not have a suitable location at your home or business, you can have your Solaflect PV Tracker hosted at a Solaflect Community Solar Park. (The Solar Park is only available to Green Mountain Power customers.)


Solaflect Community Solar Park

At the Solaflect Community Solar Park, your Solaflect PV Tracker is hosted where it has fantastic solar access.

How does community solar work?

If you have a Solaflect PV Tracker at a Community Solar Park, Green Mountain Power measures its production of electricity and converts that to a financial credit. You receive 80% of the net credits on your electric bill. The other 20% is used to cover the costs of the Solar Park (land, taxes, insurance, and maintenance).


Solar vs. “Solar”

The vast majority of community solar providers do not actually provide solar to their customers, because they sell the Renewable Energy Credits. Solaflect guarantees that you truly get solar in accordance with FTC guidelines on truth-in-advertising.

How much does it cost?

Whether your Solaflect PV Tracker is installed on your property or at a Community Solar Park, your final cost is $13,440, if you claim the Federal tax credit. The value of the electricity you generate depends on location, but could easily be well above $26,000 over the life of the Tracker.

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