What is Net Metering?

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Solar Energy

How does Net Metering work?
Net metering allows the grid to be a giant battery for solar. When the sun shines, the electricity produced will be used to power your home, and your electric meter will not spin. When you produce more than you use, the excess electricity will flow back to the grid, and your meter spins backwards. When you do not produce enough solar electricity for your home, your meter spins forward as it always has.

Can my bill get to zero?
Yes, all extra electricity produced is converted to a dollar value, and this can be used to offset all charges and get your electric bill to zero.

What happens with extra electricity?
If you produce more electricity than you use in a month, a credit for this electricity can be carried forward for 12 months. This will be used to offset extra usage in future months. For most houses in Vermont, this means that extra solar electricity generated in the summer can be used to offset electricity usage in the winter.