Least Expensive Solar in MA, NH, and VT

The Solaflect PV Tracker follows the sun all day, every day, automatically shedding snow and generating 40% more energy. The result is the most cost-effective solar option available—more energy for less money!

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“You mean energy has been shining down on us from the sun the whole time and we weren’t capturing it? Why not?”
—Sebastian, age 5


“We haven’t paid an electric bill since our Solaflect Tracker was installed. It has performed better than we expected.”
—Greg & Brenda Lewis


“We have had a Solaflect Tracker for a year and a half and are very impressed with its reliability and production. We would also like to give thanks to the Solaflect team for always being on top of things. The investment was well worth it.”
—Carrie & Bruce Kolenda


“From our first interactions with Solaflect to the current day we have been thrilled with every aspect of this relationship. The sight of our tracker following the arc of the sun is a beautiful thing in every respect. It's an object of modern art that provides us with all our power and no electric bill. Most importantly, the energy we use is clean, lowering our carbon footprint for the health of the planet. This is one of the best investments we have made. Thank you!”
—Beth K.

We even get praise from people who AREN'T our customers!

“During the spring, summer and early fall of 2015, our Solarize Dummerston volunteer team that ran the program reviewed several installer proposals, interviewed a shorter list of installers, selected three installers (including Solaflect) and then communicated with those three installers on a weekly phone call as well as many, many more emails, we worked with them at the kickoff event in June and the Solarize 101 financial event in August.

During EVERY interaction of the process, Solaflect stood out as a professional, honest, fair, company and they treated us with respect and presented a low pressure sales format without any competitive dirt slinging relative to the other installers in our program. I personally love the eloquent and unique design their system offers at a great value.

As a potential customer, I was treated with the same professional, fair approach. I really wanted to see a Solaflect tracker in my dooryard but after their honest and professional site visit, I came to accept that my property located in the West River valley shadowed by Black Mountain would not be feasible for it. I have recommended (and will continue to recommend) anyone interested in a tracking system give [Solaflect] a call.”

—Stan Howe, Lead Volunteer, Solarize Dummerston


Readers Choice Winner 2015