New Hampshire state rules for solar are about to change—lock in favorable rates now!

While the days are growing longer, time is growing short to lock in high-value solar net metering in New Hampshire. The state Public Utilities Commission is in the process of changing net metering regulations. We don’t yet know what the new rules will be, but we do know that Liberty, Eversource, and Unitil are lobbying hard to make solar basically worthless for home owners.

However, anyone who secures a net metering permit before the new rules go into effect is grandfathered to continue receiving full-value net metering through 2040. From the time the permit is secured, you have one year to follow through (or not) with the solar installation.  No cost, no commitment to at least lock in that opportunity.

One Solaflect solar tracker in a location with decent sun, provides $1,000+ of savings on a Liberty or Eversource electric bill. But only if you lock in today’s net metering value. Contact us to schedule a free site evaluation and get the necessary paperwork submitted.

Bonus: go solar soon and you’ll enjoy all the high-production summer months of the year. Lots more fun than going solar in October, when the days are shrinking and the weather getting cloudier.

(If you already have solar in place, you don’t need to worry: your system is grandfathered to continue net metering the same as it already does through 2040.)
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