FAQ: How much more electricity will I use if I switch to an electric dryer or oven/stove?

Many people looking to go solar want to take full advantage of solar as a source of clean, low-cost energy. This includes “electrifying” their lives by switching from gas to electric clothes dryers or electric stoves and ovens.

Efficiency Vermont provides estimates for the amount of electricity used by different sorts of appliances. They estimate that electric clothes dryers and electric stoves each use approximately 900 kWh per year, in the typical home. For Green Mountain Power customers, as an example, that works out to about $11 more on the electric bill per month for each appliance.

These values are for standard appliances. Heat pump clothes dryers use about half the energy of standard electric dryers. As Joe Rice at Green Building Advisors points out, heat pump clothes dryers can save energy indirectly as well, because they do not vent warm air out of the house in wintertime. That means your heating system doesn’t have to make up for the lost heat.

For cooking, you have option of an induction stove instead of standard resistance electric version. According to Popular Mechanics, an induction stove uses 30% less energy than a standard electric stove. (Incidentally, they report that the induction stove uses a whopping 93% less energy than a gas stove!) Keep in mind that converting to an induction stove doesn’t mean using 30% less energy overall for cooking, since induction only works on the stovetop, not in the oven.

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