Don’t dilly-dally – Solarize Norwich info session

Solarize Norwich 2015 is nearing the end of the sign-up period. For Norwich residents and businesses, this is an excellent time to go solar. Here are a few reasons:

  1. The Federal 30% tax credit for solar will expire (for residential solar) or become much smaller (for business solar) at the end of next year. That means that next year there will be a rush of households and businesses trying to get in before the deadline. For someone who procrastinates until late next summer or after, we won’t be able to guarantee a complete installation before January 1, 2017, meaning no luck for those folks. Go solar this year and you won’t have to lose any sleep wondering about the tax credit. (Plus you’ll be one year ahead on saving on your electric bill!)
  2. Currently, net metering with Green Mountain Power includes 10 years of the “solar adder.” This is bonus credit on your bill for solar production, so that each kWh that your Tracker produces is worth 20 cents of savings, vs. 15 cents of cost when you get one from the utility. The solar adder is now 5.3 cents per kWh. If you go solar now, you’ll lock in that adder for the next 10 years. If you wait, the adder might shrink or possibly go away entirely. (Last year it was 6 cents per kWh, so the trend is clear.)
  3. We know that many Norwich residents and businesses will eventually go solar, and many of them will do so this year. By signing up during the Solarize Norwich program, each new solar home/business helps itself and all the others to receive Solarize Norwich discounts. For each 8 Trackers we sell during the Solarize program, every one of the Trackers is discounted by $200. (So: 8+ total sales, $200 off of each; 16+ total sales, $400 off of each; and so on up to a maximum discount of $1,000 off of each.) The savings for any one family may not be huge, but collectively that can add up to many thousands of dollars of savings throughout the community.
  4. Global warming. Enough said.

If you’d like to learn more, we are holding an information session tonight, Tuesday July 7, 2015, in the Tracy Hall multi-purpose meeting room at 7:45 pm. See you there!

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